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Participate to FreeMedForms: the Mentoring of the Year


  • We are looking for C++/Qt coders to implement some new feature to FreeMedForms. As the code is growing very quickly, we know that it is hard to start coding something interesting in FreeMedForms.
  • The FreeMedForms' code is growing each year. The structure of the code/application allow anyone to work on small parts of code/feature or to work on complexe shared parts.
  • FreeMedForms is using libs and plugins architecture.
  • Each plugin can provide its own feature or a shared feature. Some plugins are mandatory (core, patient, formmanager…) other are optional (agenda, pmhx, feedback, webcam…).
  • The documentation represents ~20% of the code and can be found at or can be generated using doxygen.


  • To help newcomers we have created a 'mentoring' program. Each year, we will include one or two new devs (dev teams) in this specific program. The mentoring process includes:
    • the specifications of the task on the main website wiki
    • the definition of a roadmap
    • any help required to achieve this task within a year (mailing, code review, medical feedback, help for debugging, help for releasing, help for packaging…)
  • Teams who want to enter this program can pick up an idea of development within a defined list or purpose their own idea to the FreeMedForms main dev team.

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MoY participants

  • Add your name and project here
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